School Trips
The school organises regular educational field trips in line with the content of the teaching programme. These are visits to places of interest that complement the units of inquiry throughout the year.

Teaching and learning at the school empowers and encourages students to learn and understand the real world, to become lifelong learners, to be responsible towards themselves, other people and the environment, and to take appropriate actions.
Through the field trips programme we bring the real world into school and we expand the school into the lived environment.

The school plans around 5/6 trips per class per year and these include an extreme diversity of places of interest : museums, company plants, scientific laboratories, multimedia companies, art galleries, music and theatre events, farms, istitutional organisms etc.
  • International School of Bergamo schooltrip
  • International School of Bergamo schooltrip
  • International School of Bergamo schooltrip
  • International School of Bergamo schooltrip
  • International School of Bergamo schooltrip
  • International School of Bergamo schooltrip
  • International School of Bergamo schooltrip
  • International School of Bergamo schooltrip
  • International School of Bergamo schooltrip
After School Activities
A specialized teacher from BodyPark Judo follows the children in their approach towards this martial art.

Judo develops self-awareness, is mentally and physically stimulating, and teaches balance, force production and biomechanics without children even realizing it. It also teaches children to respect one another and how to play fairly
Robotics after school club is based around designing and programming Lego Mindstorms robots.

The children work out solutions to a set of tasks and design and program the robots to fulfill them.

Children aged 6-9 take part in the Junior FLL competition. As the children will grow, they will engage in the First Lego League Competition and meet for regional tournaments to share their knowledge, compare ideas, and display their robots.

For more info:
Fencing is both an art and a sport, with a rich competitive aspect, as well as an art of life, full of discipline and ethical values.
Fencing will be offered through Polisportiva Scherma Bergamo, a highly professional group that has the experience of working with young children in sporting activities. The instructors are trained fencing instructors. Through their instruction they aim to develop children in the fundamental values of sport, such as: self-discipline, risk taking, sense of community, fair-play and passion.
Ballet lessons are designed to provide a professional approach to teaching students how to control and move their bodies with correct posture, graceful carriage and to express their feelings and personality through movement.

Lessons are held by the school 'A passo di Danza'
KAPLA is a game with a high educational value. It contains both elements of architecture and creative arts and crafts and stimulates logical thinking, cognitive development, perseverance, concentration and teamwork.
Individual piano lessons are available after school in the music room. These are held by a professional piano teacher.

The school believes in the importance of the music department and after school activities involving teaching other musical instruments can be organized on request.
Thanks to its collaboration with other International Schools, children at ISB can join the Cheeky Monkeys Ski Club which organizes Saturday ski lessons in Foppolo. Lessons are held by the istructors of the "Sci 90 Foppolo" Ski School.

Homework Club integrates the after school programme providing assistance with homework assignments for children in grades 2-5 .

At ISBergamo, extra-curricular activities parallel the official curriculum reinforcing important aspects of the school philosophy such as social interaction and physical activity.
After-school activities are fun and involving and the school provides access to a wide range of activities in order to satisfy different interests.
The exact offer is determined year by year as their implementation is subject to general interest.
Special Events
The school, recognizing the diversity of its students, celebrates and recognizes many different cultural events during the course of the year. Parents are encouraged to share with their children’s class any national event which is important in their home country.
Local celebrations, such as Santa Lucia and Carnevale, are celebrated every year alongside Halloween, Christmas and Easter.

On the left: children dressing-up for History Week, preparing Easter bonnets, enjoying the Halloween party, celebrating St. Patrick's Day, taking part in the Easter Egg Hunt and dressing-up for Carnival.

Other special themes are also recognized throughout the year– these include Reading Together Week where the school plans several events linked to the world of books and literacy!