IS Bergamo promotes a community spirit with a maximum cooperation between parents and the school.
Everyone works to ensure that the educational and social needs of the child are identified and satisfied to offer children the best possible start in life.

Parent involvement
Every Friday morning, parents are invited to stop in school for a morning coffee. This helps create a sense of community and provides a warm welcome for international parents.
Aim of the Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) at ISB is to make all parents feel included and enthusiastic about school events and school life. The PTA supports the school by helping in the organization of school events, plan and organise social or fundraising events in support of selected charities and act as an additional channel of communication between parents, teachers and directors.
Parents are invited to attend student-led conferences where the children present their year's work. Student-led conferences give a valuable insight on the learning process. This make the academic activities more transparent and understandable and give a better idea as to what the children are learning at school.
The school organises presentations and conferences on educational issues.
Parents are invited to attend and share the school philosophy and programme.
International Day demonstrates the wonderful diversity of nationalities that exists at ISBergamo. Parents and families are invited in school to participate in games and activities with their children.
Parents are invited throughout the year to take part in open lessons with class teachers and specialists.
Twice a year, parents are invited to discuss their children's progress with the class teachers.
Counselling by educational experts provide a support to parents in the education of their children.
  • International School of Bergamo Community
  • International School of Bergamo Community
  • International School of Bergamo Community
  • International School of Bergamo Community
  • International School of Bergamo Community
  • International School of Bergamo Community
  • International School of Bergamo Community
  • International School of Bergamo Community
Dress Code
All children are required to wear the school uniform. This includes:
  • short or long-sleeved polo shirts
  • trousers (cotton or corduroy)/skirt/dress
  • long-sleeved or sleeveless pull-over
  • tracksuit and sportswear

Winter and summer items are available.
The cost of the uniform is not included in the school fees.
To order the uniform you have to login to the Private Area.
The Lunch Menu
All children are required to eat lunch at school. A catering company prepares the first dish in school and the rest off campus. A healthy and balanced diet is arranged between the provider and the school in order to meet the important nutritional needs of the children.
Special diets are catered for on request.
A three week menu is prepared and published on the school website.
ISBergamo is strong promoter of the correct nutritional practices and has developed a special program to help children achieve a healthy diet.
The T.U.R.N.I.P. Programme
The T.U.R.N.I.P. (Towards Understanding the Right Nutritional Implications and Practises) Food Project has the aim of introducing the correct nutritional practises in the every day diet of children and families.

Several scientific studies have proved that incorrect nutritional habits account for 30% of Cancer cases as well as numerous other pathologies (cardiovascular, metabolic, etc.). Healthy eating should therefore play a very important role in children’s education.

Unfortunately, the correct nutritional practises are not always known.
Building on the recommendations of the WCRF (World Cancer Research Fund International –, our school project aims at proposing a series of activities which will involve both parents and children.

Started in 2011 the Turnip Game represents the core element of the programme, but the project also includes conferences, kitchen lessons as well as a continuous update of the website with videos, fact sheets, and useful tips for the implementation of a healthy diet.

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The TURNIP Game has been developed with the aim of making the Food Project child friendly. Through the game, families are encouraged to cook different vegetables for their children.
Thanks to the “vegetable points” and seasonal awards, children are stimulated to try the vegetables and learn more about them.