All of our teachers are carefully selected from highly qualified candidates, many of whom have come to us from the international school circuit where they have lived and worked in a variety of foreign cultures. Some have stayed with us since the beginning, giving us an overall stability, whereas our new teachers share their recent studies and experiences.

Teachers work together on lesson planning in order to ensure that curriculum objectives are met taking into account the needs of each individual student with the aim of constructing a long-term educational path.

All teachers are selected through a collaboration with the International School of Europe which owns a teacher selection and training centre in London. Teachers are chosen on the strength of their academic and professional qualifications. All teaching staff are fully trained in the IBO® PYP programme.

The Head of Education and Early Years Coordinator provide a constant monitoring on the educational programme, help with the implementation of the IB PYP and offer a day-to-day support for all teachers at the International School of Bergamo. Specialist teachers are brought in for Italian, Music, Art and Italian as a second language. EAL specialists assist class teachers with the integration of non-English speakers into the curriculum, as well as providing intensive language tuition.

Apply for a job

Applicants must be willing to be active, flexible participants in a hard-working team of teachers. A strong commitment to purposeful teaching, collaborative planning and open communication is essential.
Applications are open for:

  • English mother tongue teachers fully qualified to teach in the Primary Years
  • English mother tongue assistants
  • Italian teachers for our Italian department
  • Specialist teachers

    Please note that due to Italian employment regulations, we can only consider applications from teachers who have citizenship and passports from countries in the European Union, or who already are in possession of a visa to live and work in Italy.

    To apply email:
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