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Bilingualism and extracurricular activities: the video interview with Bergamonews

Bilingualism as an added value to the training and educational path offered by our school: this is the starting point for the interview with which our director Chiara Traversi recounted the method and didactic approach of an international study path.


"Bilingualism is a concept that is almost always associated with the English language, when in truth this is not the case, just think of the dialects and the very common use made of them, especially by our parents, together with Italian" explains the our director. "Bilingualism shouldn't worry or scare parents who choose this path for their children, because it is a natural inclination that is part of the child's cognitive baggage".

According to experts, in fact, the ability to grow up bilingual is an unexpressed talent that matures naturally over the years and, in particular, with growth. The child begins to associate sounds with objects and contextualizes them. Sometimes one can get the impression that he mixes up the two languages ​​he is learning at the same time. It's really just mixing sounds and vocabulary, just choosing the easiest word to say. "It is a natural aptitude, thanks to which the child applies different linguistic registers depending on the context in which he finds himself" explains Chiara Traversi, who illustrated the range of educational and extra-curricular proposals offered by our institute to the Bergamonews cameras. Here is the link the full interview.