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A special student experience

What is MUN? M U N is an academic simulation of the United Nations meetings that take place in New York.


What is MUN? M U N is an academic simulation of the United Nations meetings that take place in New York. At an MUN conference, students represent a specific country and are separated in different committees; Environmental, Economic and Social Council, Disarmament and International Security and the Organisation of Education, Science and Culture. During the MUN conference, the different countries debate about current and important issues. Each committee creates resolutions, amendments and each delegate also gives a speech in support of or against other’s opinions.

MUN at Monza

Last week, we went to the International School of Monza for our first MUN conference of this year. When we arrived at ISMonza on Thursday, there were many inspiring and interesting speeches from specialists in different sectors, such as from the environment or the economy. We then divided into our committees and started sharing our resolutions , collecting signatures from countries which supported our ideas.
The chairs then read the resolutions and picked some to be presented. The delegates were each able to ask questions and comment about the resolution. When the delegation enters in open debate, the delegates are able to make speeches in support of or against the resolution as a whole, and each country can make amendments to modify parts of their resolution. After we all talked and debated about different resolutions, we voted and the resolution could pass with a majority of votes.

On the second day, we continued debating the resolutions. There was also a surprise event that took place, where some soldiers and their military leader (primary students!) came to each committee and gave us a crisis to solve. We concluded the MUN with a conclusion speech thanking all of the delegates which took part in the conference.

Last Thursday, as I walked into Monza MUN I didn’t know what a spectacular experience
I would be attending. Well, it turned out to be one of the best experiences in my life! I think anyone who didn’t experience it can’t understand how much I got out of this. In fact, it’s wasn’t just an academic experience as I would have thought it to be, it was much more. I learned to
debate but at the same time had fun and made new friends from around the whole of Italy and from England. In our committee, we had serious discussions but also managed to find time to have fun in any possible way. When I came out of ISMonza the following day I was full of joy and couldn’t wait for another experience, hoping it would give me as much as the first one.

By Giulia Dell’Avanzato &
Filippo Velonà