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The Icelandic Teachers' Union as a guest of our institute

On 24 October, our school hosted 42 teachers from the Háaleitisskóli Institute in Reykjanesbær, Iceland. The group was able to follow our teaching activities for the whole day and discuss teaching methods and approaches with their colleagues. The meeting was part of a training project subsidised by the Icelandic union, which had already chosen International School of Bergamo for its educational programmes in 2019.


"Also this year, as already in 2019, it was a training moment conducted in a reflective key but starting from direct experience in the classroom: a modality, the latter, fundamental in the professional development of teachers," explains the headmaster of our institute.

The Icelandic Teachers' Union was founded in 2000 and, with more than 10,000 members, is in fact a common organisation for all teachers, headmasters, vice-principals and student counsellors in kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and music schools in Iceland. It is currently a member of EI (Education International) and actively participates in the NLS (Nordic Teachers' Council), a cooperation forum for teachers' associations in the Nordic countries.

"The figure of the teacher," concludes the headmaster, "is also evolving in the face of the growing educational, social and economic challenges imposed by an increasingly diverse student population. This is why it is essential to guarantee teachers a professional career path that also includes opportunities to meet colleagues from other realities. In our case, then, it perfectly reflects our teaching philosophy, which promotes the exchange of ideas and opinions as a means of consolidating the knowledge of the class and of individuals".