BergamoScienza 2018

  • 19th October 2018

Over the past two weeks, we have been proud to participate in BergamoScienza 2018.

This year, our theme was floating and sinking as well as diversity in science. We created a workshop titled “Simply messing about in boats” which is a quote from the famous English children’s book The Wind In The Willows.

Our first event was Scuole in Piazza. Over the course of a weekend, we invited the public to test whether objects float or sink and to build boats to investigate whether the shape of a boat’s sail is a major factor in the speed it moves. Later that week, we hosted some workshops for schools and last weekend, we invited the public to our Early Years classrooms where children and families enjoyed an extended version of the workshop, also completing a STEM challenge to build a boat to carry bears across water.

Our upper elementary and MYP students were excellent hosts supporting fellow students and younger children engage in all the activities!