What is Inclusion?

  • 29th March 2019


“Inclusion is an on-going process that aims to increase access and engagement in learning for all students by identifying and removing barriers.” (Learning Diversity in the International Baccalaureate)

The International School of Bergamo is committed to meet student learning diversity. The school and its staff pride itself on delivering an inclusive and positive education that aims to maximise the potential of all children. The International School of Bergamo offers an education that is accessible and aims to integrate everybody into a fun and successful learning environment. A positive classroom environment that is conducive to supporting the learning of all students by giving an appropriate level of challenge, with high and realistic challenges. Students are listened to and given opportunities to succeed. Students are given the opportunity to develop the attributes of the learner profile and to understand themselves as learners.

Many children experience barriers to, or factors that affect, their learning at times over their school journey. These can be academic or emotional.


The role of the Inclusion Co-ordinator

At ISB, we are very proud to have an Inclusion Coordinator whose role is to support teachers in understanding and supporting those barriers, and to see any differences as positive.

The coordinator:

• gives advice on classroom strategies and differentiation.

• provides additional support in the classroom, playground, in the canteen and in the sleep room.

• provides small group support outside the classroom, such as fine motor or social skills.

• teaches specialist lessons for children with additional needs, mentoring sessions.

• ensures children have the assessment concessions, such as extra time, they are entitled to.

• ensures all the specialist teachers are aware of the barriers and support strategies.

• provides training to over teachers.


As a school we would like all the children to feel included, happy and supported and we welcome working together to achieve this.